100X Development Foundation
7020 Fain Park Drive, Suite 5
Montgomery, AL 36117
Fiscal Year Ending: December
Registration Number: A0664
Registration Date: 2/9/2012
DUNS Number: 050833290

Mrs. Lindy Blanchard, President and Co-Founder
Mr. Johnny Stallings, Controller
Ms. Christina Kadzamira, Special Assistant and Program Coordinator
TELEPHONE...(334) 387-1178

Home Page.....www.100xdevelopment.com
    Leverages resources to generate and support creative solutions to eradicate poverty and its negative effects. Through the innovative use of best practices and strategic public-private partnerships, 100X Development Foundation strives to sustain and empower individuals, communities, and organizations that are implementing transformative development programs in impoverished communities throughout the world. Established in 2004, 100X has a proven record of bringing sustainable development to communities through education, health, economic development, agriculture, food security, and social services. The organization focuses primarily on the needs of vulnerable women and children as the population group most impacted by poverty and the nexus for social change.

PVO Reported Sectors: Basic Education, Nutrition, Protection, Assistance and Solutions
PVO Reported Countries: Honduras, India, Malawi, Peru

Financial Activities For Fiscal Year 2015
USAID Support
  Sec. 123 Ocean Freight P.L. 480 Freight P.L. 480 Donated Food USAID Grants USAID Contracts
  $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Other Support
  Other USG Grants Other USG Contracts Other Gov't & Int'l Org    
  $0 $0 $0    
Private Support
  In-Kind Contributions Private Contributions Private Revenue    
  $0 $742,678 $0    
Total Support and Revenue $742,678

  Overseas Programs Domestic Programs Admin & Management Fund Raising  
  $467,938 $109,937 $145,365 $2,427  
Total Expenses $725,667