Première Urgence Internationale (PU-AMI)
2, rue Auguste Thomas
92600 Asnières sur Seine
Fiscal Year Ending: December
Registration Number: I0209
Registration Date: 11/19/2012
DUNS Number: 262989907

Mr. Thierry Mauricet, CEO
Mr. Benoît Menvielle, CFO
TELEPHONE...(33-1) 55 66 99 66
FAX.................(33-1) 55 66 99 60
    Provides assistance in the areas of health and nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, shelter and rehabilitation, and economic recovery. PU-AMI's efforts encompass primary and secondary health and the fight against epidemics, specifically HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. The organization distributes food during emergencies and follows up with support for agriculture recovery and animal husbandry in affected areas. PU-AMI educates people about water and sanitation-related public health issues and builds or rehabilitates water systems, latrines, and other sanitation facilities. The organization also builds and rehabilitates health centers, schools, housing, and roads and bridges. In addition, PU-AMI works to improve economic and social conditions, providing training and assistance to entrepreneurs and distributing tools to increase production.

PVO Reported Sectors: Basic Health, Food Security and Food Aid, Refugee Assistance, Rehabilitation, Small Enterprise Development
PVO Reported Countries: Afghanistan, Burma, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo (Kinshasa), Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Mali, Russia, Senegal, Syria, Thailand, Yemen

Financial Activities For Fiscal Year 2014
USAID Support
  USAID Grants USAID Contracts      
  $4,594,943 $0      
Other Support
  Other USG Support International Agencies Foreign Government Host Government  
  $5,422,719 $43,128,282 $7,813,396 $2,820,689  
Private Support
  In-Kind Contributions Private Contributions Private Revenue    
  $64,594,709 $579,917 $2,152,256    
Total Support and Revenue $131,106,911

  International Programs Domestic Programs Admin & Management Fund Raising  
  $126,396,539 $296,801 $4,010,438 $354,518  
Total Expenses $131,058,296