Restavek Freedom Foundation (RFF)
11160 Kenwood Road, Suite 200
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Fiscal Year Ending: December
Registration Number: A0755
Registration Date: 6/11/2013
DUNS Number: 832597947

Ms. Joan Conn, Executive Director
Ms. Camilla Warren, CFO
Ms. Christine Buchholz, VP
TELEPHONE...(513) 475-3710
FAX.................(513) 475-3701
    Works to end child slavery in Haiti in our lifetimes. "Restavek" is a form of modern-day slavery that affects one in every 15 Haitian children. Restavek children are often given to relatives or strangers to perform menial tasks for no pay. RFF's comprehensive strategy to end this practice includes meeting the long-term needs of restavek children through effective child advocacy, establishing transitional homes for children who suffer the worst forms of abuse, working with churches and pastors (i.e., culturally significant leaders) to change societal attitudes toward restavek, establishing community centers to enhance economic empowerment for children and adults, connecting government agencies with the people through partnerships with churches, and using effective mass media campaigns to provide information on justice issues and family planning. RFF seeks to undermine the social acceptance of, and economic need for, restavek.

PVO Reported Sectors: Institution Strengthening and Development
PVO Reported Countries: Haiti

Financial Activities For Fiscal Year 2014
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