Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA)
132 Nassau Street, Suite 1419
New York, NY 10038
Fiscal Year Ending: December
Registration Number: A2031
Registration Date: 6/8/1995
DUNS Number: 028963809

Dr. David Donat Cattin, Secretary General
Mr. Michael Agbeko, Administration Director
Ms. Jennifer McCarthy, Deputy Secretary-General
TELEPHONE...(212) 687-7755
FAX.................(212) 687-8409
    Informs and mobilizes parliamentarians to advocate for human rights and the rule of law, human security, democracy, nondiscrimination, and gender equality and generates consensus among lawmakers on treaties and their implementation. Founded in 1978, PGA is an international network of more than 1,300 legislators from over 140 elected parliaments in all regions of the world. PGA led the negotiation and adoption of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the Chemical Weapons Convention, the International Criminal Court, and the Arms Trade Treaty. The organization works through three programs: Gender, Equality and Population; Peace and Democracy; and International Law and Human Rights.

PVO Reported Sectors: Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction, Rule of Law and Human Rights
PVO Reported Countries: Bangladesh, Congo (Kinshasa), El Salvador, Ghana, Haiti, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Tanzania, Tonga, Uruguay

Financial Activities For Fiscal Year 2015
USAID Support
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Other Support
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Total Support and Revenue $1,693,292

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Total Expenses $2,109,207