Fundación Acción contra el Hambre (ACH)
Calle Duque de Sevilla 3
28002 Madrid
Fiscal Year Ending: December
Registration Number: I0043
Registration Date: 4/27/2006
DUNS Number: 511961245

Mr. Olivier Longue, Executive General Director
Mr. Mathias Horcher, Finance Director
Ms. Ana Martin, Quality Desk Officer
TELEPHONE...(34-91) 771 16 87
FAX.................(34-91) 391 53 01
    Provides humanitarian and development assistance in 14 countries around the world. Founded in 1995, ACH belongs to the international Action Contre La Faim (ACF) network, created by a group of journalists and intellectuals in Paris in 1979 and comprising ACF USA, ACF UK, ACF Canada, and ACF France. ACH relies on the skills of more than 900 professionals, including specialists in the fields of nutrition, agriculture, water and sanitation, and public health, to develop programs that are adapted to the needs of the people it serves. ACH's prime objectives are to assist the world's most vulnerable people and to sensitize people in industrialized countries to the scale of hunger in the world. The organization's ultimate goal is to enable needy people to regain autonomy and self-sufficiency as quickly as possible.

PVO Reported Sectors: Agriculture, Nutrition, Water Supply and Sanitation
PVO Reported Countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Georgia, Guatemala, Guinea, Lebanon, Mali, Mauritania, Nicaragua, Niger, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Syria, West Bank and Gaza Strip

Financial Activities For Fiscal Year 2015
USAID Support
  USAID Grants USAID Contracts      
  $6,005,120 $0      
Other Support
  Other USG Support International Agencies Foreign Government Host Government  
  $68,298 $54,209,367 $10,280,692 $5,477,069  
Private Support
  In-Kind Contributions Private Contributions Private Revenue    
  $0 $6,354,366 $11,675,916    
Total Support and Revenue $94,070,828

  International Programs Domestic Programs Admin & Management Fund Raising  
  $77,135,175 $2,371,955 $6,243,062 $5,399,392  
Total Expenses $91,149,584