Children & Charity International (CAC)
1614 17th Street NW, Suite 306
Washington, DC 20009
Fiscal Year Ending: December
Registration Number: A0318
Registration Date: 2/9/2012
DUNS Number: 618999390

Ms. Marilyn James, Executive Director
Mr. Anthony James, Treasurer
TELEPHONE...(202) 234-0488
FAX.................(202) 234-0013
    Supports education and humanitarian aid projects that focus on children's needs in Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States. CAC is providing ongoing support to an educational program for orphan children in Haiti; a diaper and infant care program on the island of Trinidad; and a health program that provides transportation, medical, and financial support to poor children needing heart surgery in Nairobi, Kenya. The organization also provides assistance to refugees. CAC has built relationships that will help it increase the capacity to perform surgeries. It has identified pediatric cardiac surgeons and cardiologists who will perform surgeries at no cost and expanded its network to include organizations that provide donated medical equipment, medications, and telemedicine services.

PVO Reported Sectors: Basic Education, Macroeconomic Foundation for Growth, Other Public Health Threats, Social Assistance
PVO Reported Countries: Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda

Financial Activities For Fiscal Year 2015
USAID Support
  Sec. 123 Ocean Freight P.L. 480 Freight P.L. 480 Donated Food USAID Grants USAID Contracts
  $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Other Support
  Other USG Grants Other USG Contracts Other Gov't & Int'l Org    
  $0 $0 $28,338    
Private Support
  In-Kind Contributions Private Contributions Private Revenue    
  $390,893 $31,938 $0    
Total Support and Revenue $451,169

  Overseas Programs Domestic Programs Admin & Management Fund Raising  
  $66,134 $376,757 $2,967 $0  
Total Expenses $445,858