World Renew (formerly Christian Reformed World Relief Committee)
1700 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508-1407
Fiscal Year Ending: June
Registration Number: A0447
Registration Date: 10/28/1985
DUNS Number: 072581366

Ms. Carol Bremer-Bennett, Executive Director
Ms. Melissa Barnes, CFO
Ms. Stephanie Sackett, Associate Director Grants
TELEPHONE...(616) 224-0740
FAX.................(616) 224-0806
    Works to achieve and sustain positive change in the lives of the poor through community development and long-term disaster recovery and preparedness programs. World Renew partners with churches and nongovernmental organizations in 26 countries throughout Africa, Asia, and the Americas to transform communities through grassroots programs that integrate agriculture, health, nutrition, literacy, and economic empowerment. World Renew also addresses injustices that perpetuate poverty and works to build peace between groups in conflict. World Renew builds the capacity of communities to set their own development priorities and to work together using local resources to achieve and sustain their desired results. Founded in 1962, World Renew is the official international humanitarian agency of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

PVO Reported Sectors: Agriculture, Civil Society, Disaster Readiness, Economic Opportunity, Family Planning and Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Health, Protection, Assistance and Solutions
PVO Reported Countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Laos, Malawi, Mali, Mexico, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine, Vanuatu, West Bank and Gaza Strip, Zambia

Financial Activities For Fiscal Year 2015
USAID Support
  Sec. 123 Ocean Freight P.L. 480 Freight P.L. 480 Donated Food USAID Grants USAID Contracts
  $0 $0 $0 $130,544 $0
Other Support
  Other USG Grants Other USG Contracts Other Gov't & Int'l Org    
  $0 $0 $0    
Private Support
  In-Kind Contributions Private Contributions Private Revenue    
  $1,412,415 $11,319,644 $1,092,470    
Total Support and Revenue $13,955,073

  Overseas Programs Domestic Programs Admin & Management Fund Raising  
  $6,965,812 $3,204,901 $525,659 $1,321,794  
Total Expenses $12,018,166